Deadliest Catch Season 11 (2015)

All the news about Deadliest Catch Season 11

Deadliest Catch Season 11 (2015)

Sig Hansen: Norwegian Fisherman's Diet

Norwegian Fisherman's Diet

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Deadliest Catch Season 11 (2015)

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What's behind

Deadliest Catch co-executive producer Decker Watson and Cape-Caution deckboss Nick McGlashan were in the hot seat of our live chat exclusively answering your questions about Deadliest Catch, the 2014 Season 10 of the show, life on the Bering Sea and what it takes to create a show like Deadliest Catch.

Read the chat log here

You asked - They answered

Here are the questions and answers about the 2014 Season 10 of Deadliest Catch

Lots of reading material for all you Deadliest Catch fans out there. You asked the people on the show - and they answered!
Everything about the 2014 Season 10 of Deadliest Catch

The biggest Deadliest Catch fan community in the world!

The Deadliest Catch fans have a new home in cyberspace! Get in touch with other fans from all over the world, chat in our Deadliest Catch Chat room, visit our Deadliest Catch forum, watch the Dutch Harbor live webcams, check out the Deadliest Catch live vessel tracking, or watch a few Deadliest Catch Videos.

Dutch Harbor Live Vessel Positions

Do you want to see where the fishing vessels are? In real time? Check out the Time Bandit, Wizard, Northwestern, Saga and many more vessels in Dutch Harbor (or any other place they are at right now).

Real time map of the "Deadliest Catch" fleet

Dutch Harbor Webcams

There are several webcams set up in Unalaska / Dutch Harbor, which may or may not be oprative at all times.

Dutch Harbor, Alaska, is the home base of the fleet of the Discovery Channel's hit TV series The Deadliest Catch. The fishing vessels can sometimes be seen on these live webcams during season.
Check out the live webcam images from Dutch Harbor and see if you can spot the Deadliest Catch vessels.

Top Teams

# Team Crew Count
1 Deadliest Catch Vessel Northwestern Team 570
2 Deadliest Catch Vessel Cornelia Marie Team 378
3 Deadliest Catch Vessel Time Bandit Team 371
4 Deadliest Catch Vessel Cape Caution Team 72
5 Deadliest Catch Vessel Wizard Team 64
6 Deadliest Catch Vessel Saga Team 18
7 Deadliest Catch Vessel Seabrooke Team 14

The Deadliest Catch Desktop Tracking Software!

So here it is for all real/bad ass/awesome/true fans of The Deadliest Catch!:
The free desktop software to track the Deadliest Catch fleet right on your PC!
Now you can see where your favorite vessels are without opening your browser and typing our website address! Simply start the software, and you will see all Deadliest Cacth vessel positions or, if you want, all vessel traffic in and around Dutch Harbor!

Download the Deadliest Catch tracking software for free now!

Listen to the Unalaska local radio station online

Listen live to KUCB Radio from Unalaska, Alaska There is a radio station in Unalaska, AK which broadcasts live on the internet. Listen in to great local news, cool music and maybe send a greeting to your beloved "Deadliest Catch" fishermen.

Click here to listen to Unalaska Live Radio KUCB

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We also run, a website which displays live webcam images from Dutch Harbor and Unalaska.

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