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A message from the owner :)

Who I am - and why I made this website

Hi. I'm Chris

I'm the guy who created this website.
I thought I'd tell you a bit about myself and why I made this website.

Who I am

I am Chris - formally: Christian Hänsel, 37 years old and born on Halloween 1977.
I live in Lemgo, Germany, which is a small but beautiful town in northern germany.
My travels have taken me to some great destinations all around the world, such as Oklahoma City, Beirut (Lebanon), France and Portugal.
I have a 9 years old son (Luis) and a great girlfriend. Oh, and yeah, I do have a job :) I'm a web developer.

How it all began

The idea for this website came when I searched the web for Deadliest Catch fan communities. Back then, all communities out there looked either too ugly or were kind of dead - at least in my eyes.
As a professional web developer, I quickly grabbed this domain name ( and started working on the majpr layout on the site. I'm no designer, as you can see. I'm good at programming, but not at creating outstanding designs.

Anyways, it all started out pretty small. In the beginning, this website was just showing the Dutch Harbor webcams.

Since this project is strictly personal, I did not invest money in advertisement. All users either came from the social networks I'm using or from referring websites. I'm pretty surprised that there are several hundred users on this website each and every day. This is a pretty good number in my books.

Quite a lot of work

I would have never thought that running a website like this involves that much time and effort :) Don't get me wrong: I love doing it. But honestly, I spend like 10 hours working on this thing every week. It has replaced my prior hobbies *gg*

I'm really glad that I now have a great person helping me with this website: Chiane Ilene Bond. She keeps track on what's happening in the Deadliest Catch world when I'm not available. Since I'm in germany - and most of our users are in the US - it's tough for me to keep up with the news and updates. Chiane posts news on the website and also updates and monitors our Twitter Account @UnalaskaAK.
Thank you very much, Chiane!

Working with the Crew and Producers

After this website became kind of famous, I started getting in touch with the producers and crew of Deadliest Catch. I have had the pleasure to have some nice chat sessions with Decker Watson, co-executive producer of the show. He was so kind and attended a fan chat on this website, together with Nick McGlashan.


As you can see on our homepage, several people have donated to help keep this website running. Since this is a private project, I am paying for the server from my own pocket.
I do display ads on this website so I can generate a few bucks per month to help cover a part of the server cost. But this is really just that - a part of it.

If you'd like to help me with this and show your appreciation, please consider donating a buck or two. Every dollar helps me to keep this thing online.

Thank you!

I want to take the chance and say Thank You to all of you! Without you, the users, this website would be dead. I love seeing you come here and browse around. Sometimes I just sit infront of my statictis tool and watch the numbers. It's incredible to see so many of you browsing this website! It's fun to have you around!
All the best!


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