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Deadliest Catch Death?

What's with all the searches for "Deadliest Catch Death"???

I am seeing a lot of searches leading to this website originating from Google and other search engines. Usually, they tend to focus on the upcoming Deadliest Catch Season 11.
But recently, a lof of people are coming to this website who searched for "Deadliest Catch Death" and stuff like that?

What are you looking for??
Yes, Captain Phil Harris died in February 2010, and yes, on February 22, 2011 Justin Tennison of the F/V Time Bandit is found dead in an Alaska hotel room. (The cause is yet to be determined.)

But seriosuly, is this stuff really of THAT much interest to the general viewer? Come on guys, we have better things to do than search for deaths on the internet.

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