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Donators do not see ads

Help keeping this website running is a website for the fans of Deadliest Catch.

This website is a private project! I'm a huge fan of Deadliest Catch.
I have created this website to get in touch with other fans from all over the world.

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If you would like to help me keeping this site up and running for free, please consider donating a buck or two. You can do so by using PayPal.

How much should you donate?
Well, this is (of course) entirely up to you! How about 5 bucks? (Which is the amount you pay for a cheap pizza ;o)). But seriously: Every dollar helps!

And even more fun: Any dollar that goes beyond what the server costs me every month, will go into toys and sweets for my six years old son Luis :D

P.S.: As a "thank you" from my side, donators will not see any ads on this website :)


I know and understand that many of the users of this website can not afford to donate.
But you can help anyway: if you find an ad on this website interesting, it would help me if you clicked on it to check it out.
I get revenue from ad clicks, not from ad views. :)

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I have placed affiliate links on many pages of this website. Now if you go to using one of my links, and if you buy something during that session, I get commision.
That also helps a lot.

I have set up this amazon search box below so you can search for whatever you want to buy (not just DC stuff), and buy it using my affiliate link. It doesn't cost you more, but I will get commision :)

Thank you very much for your donations!

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