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Deadliest Catch : How is Jake Harris doing?

How is Jake Harris doing? We haven't heard from him in a while...

We have seen Jake Harris last (on TV) when he was working on the F/V Northwestern - what happened to him since?
Fans of the Deadliest Catch TV show keep asking: How is Jake doing? Will he be on Deadliest Catch Season 11?

Jake Harris, the youngest son of the late Phil Harris, has been last seen on Discovery's hit TV series Deadliest Catch in Season 8 aboard the F/V Northwestern.

We know that the F/V Cornelia Marie is on TV in the current Deadliest Catch Season 11, but Jake Harris is nowhere to be seen.
(Maybe, hopefully he will be on Season 12?)

Has anybody heard any news about Jake Harris?

If you have heard any news about him and feel that it's okay to share them with us, please use the comment form below to let us know.

Let's just hope that Jake is doing well! We have reached out to him and will post more information when (and if) we get a reply from him.

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