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Cornelia Marie back on Deadliest Catch Season 14?

The F/V Cornelia marie has not been on Deadliest Catch Season 13, which has made the fans pretty sad, to put it mildly. But in one comment on the Facebook page of the Cornelia Marie, some admin of the page wrote the following:

“A year off isn’t so bad, stay tuned for next season…you never know who might appear.”


Does that mean that the Cornelia Marie will be back on Deadliest Catch Season 14? We sure hope so! 

It would be great to see Captain Casey and Josh Harris back on the show.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.

 Or write about it on The Deadliest Catch Wall


Source: Inquisitr.



New TV Schedule Now Available

The new TV Schedule is now available the dates  are 8-1 thourght to 8-9.


Due to Disvoery's  Unabomber Specail. 


No Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch will noy be seen the week of July 23rd throught July 30th.

Due to Shark Week on discovery.

Deadliest Catch Rewturns August 1st at a special start time at 8pm est in the US.


Deadliest Catch Season 13 - What's new?

So Season 13 is almost there - but what is new in this season?

Will the Cornelia Marie be back on Deadliest Catch Season 13?

Sadly, there will be no Cornelia Marie in this season. Apparently, Discovery has decided not to film aboard the Cornelia Marie. Hence, Josh Harris won't be on this season, either. But - as some online sources say - Josh is up to something and might be on your TV soon, just not on Deadliest Catch.

This will be the last season of Deadliest Catch for Johnathan Hillstrand

As has been reported, this year's season of Deadliest Catch will be the last one for Johnathan Hillstrand - not only on the Deadliest Catch, but also on the Time Bandit.

Sig Hansen might retire, too

As some sources report, Sig Hansen - who suffered a heart attack last year - might also retire from fishing alltogether. What does that mean for the Northwestern, though? Will it be run by his brother Edgar? We don't know yet, but maybe you would like to share your thoughts about this in the comments section below this article.


TV Schedule update

the Television Schedule is now updated to April 25th more show will be added as they become available


TV Schedule update

The TV Scedule is now updated all to the beginning of an ALL NEW SEASON of Deadliest Catch. Check it out.


No "The Bait" for Season 13 of Deadliest Catch

As Decker Watson has tweeted, there will be no "The Bait" for this year's Deadliest Catch Season 13!

Of course, fans of Deadliest Catch didnÄt like it too much. Decker said, that "Sadly there was no network order for The Bait this season."

There will be several 1-hour documentaries 

But, as he pointed out, "There will be several great 1-hour documentary specials coming your way though".


What do you think?

Let us know in the comments below


Airing Dates

Airing dates are now being added to our schdule to get all of you ready for the new season starting April 11th. 9pm est on Discovery I will be adding more as more become available. Please keep checking back for the lastest up to date TV Schedule.

Thank You.

Deadliest-Fans TV Scheduling Administrator.



Writers Wanted

With the new season starting April 11th.

We here at are looking for writers if you would like to become part of the team Please contact website owner Christain though our page on Facebook at or on Twitter at Deadliest Fans or leave a masseges on our wall 

Thank you very much .


Sharon DeZwaan.


Live Chat with a Dungeon Cove Captain.

Live chat with Marc Sehlbach and Travis Lofland

Join us this Thursday Oct 13th at 7pm Eastern Standard Time for a live chat with Captain Marc Sehlbach of the F/V Galway Bay and Travis Lofland from Deadliest Catch - Dungeon Cove. Get your questions ready and join us.

Your Deadliest Catch - Dungeon Cove stars live in our fan chat

Captain Marc Sehlbach and his crew member Travis Lofland (both former Cornelia Marie crew members) are going to answer your questions about fishing and the new show Deadliest Catch - Dungeon Cove.

We are looking forward to this unique live fan chat and hope to see many of the fans there.

Please note: You need to be registered to join the chat. Registration is quick and easy. 

Click here to register for a free account right now.


Deadliest Catch- Dungeon Cove Schedule Update

The TV Schedule for Deadliest Catch- Dungeon Cove is now updated from 9/27 though to 10/7


Dungeon Cove - Canada

Here is the latest about watching Deadliest Catch-Dungeon Cove in Canada.

Tonight in Canada they will be showing Sig Hansen Legacy followed by 

a spaciel titled Countdown to Dungeon Cove.

Check your local listings for airing times.

Starting next week Dungeon Cove will be seen at 9pm est in Canada.


Dungeon Cove

Tonight  IN THE US at 9pm est tune  in and watch DeadliestCatch- Dungeon Cove

A all new series all new boats and crews and new species of crab.

Catch all the action on Discovery.


More Deadliest Catch Shows have been Added

More Deadliest Catch Shows have been added to the schedule.

I will also be  adding the up and coming Show Deadliest Catch- Dungeon Cove to the schedule as well

Thank you for your support and for staying with us, Please spread the word about us.


Sharon DeZwaan


Update: We are staying :)

Hi all!

After announcing the closing of this website, I have been approached by many people, telling me that it would be really sad to shut it down.

One of the members of this site has offered his help in keeping the website online by regularly donating a small amount of money to help me cover the server and domain costs.

Because of this generous offer, I will be keeping this website online.

Thank you so very much, your help is highly appreciated!

If you would also like to help, check out the help section on this website.




New TV Schedule Now Available

The new  TV Schedule is up all the way to the August 2nd, when the season ends here in the US.

Please check it out.

It has been an honor to have been doing the tv schedule for all of you here in the us.

Even though our season is coming to an end please keep logging on and checking out the 

latest news up and coming.

Thank you for your support.

Television Scheduling Administator.

Sharon DeZwaan.


Updated TV Schedule

Our TV Schdule is now updated from 7-15-2016 to 7-26-2016 Please check it out.


Deadliest Catch Schedule

Tuesday,  JUNE 28th Deadliest Catch will not be seen in the US due to Discovry's  Shark Week.

Deadliest Catch will return on July 5th with a all new The Bait at 8pm est and a All New Deadliest Catch at 9pm est.


Deadliest Catch TV Schedule Updated

For the USA, our TV Schedule has been updated all the way though to the 26th of April. Check it out here:

Deadliest Catch TV schedule


What is Scott "Junior" Campbell doing in 2016?

You all know that Scott "Junior" Campbell has left Deadliest Catch because of severe back problems. While there is not much information out there, we have some really cool news for you.

Scott Campbell is now running a new company called Cordova Coolers, a company that builds high-end rotomolded coolers which are 100% USA made.

While we're trying to get Scott to have a chat with his fans here on our website, you can head on over to Scott's Cordova Coolers Website to check them out or even order a cooler right from your favourite captain :)



DC in the UK

Just got news that Deadliest Catch Season 12 will be Premeiring April 5th  in the United Kingdom.


All Day Marathon

March 22nd there will be a Deadliest Catch All Day marathon .

Please check our Deadliest Catch Shedule for Episodes and Times.


Deadliest Catch Canada.

Discovery Channel Canada contacted me today and the airing date for Deadliest Catch is also March 29th same as what it is in the US.


Sig Hansen survived heart attack

As his daughter Mandy posted in Instragram, her father Captain Sig Hanson survived a heart attack!

Mady wrote in her Instagram post:

Capt survived the "widowmaker" !! Beating a heart attack ain't easy. Welcome back boss ????????????????

Glad to see he's okay... Get well soon Sig!


Deadliest Catch Starts March 29th. In the US

March 29th  Season 12  as reported by Mandi Bierly  via  Yahoo  During an interview with Excutive Producer John Grey of Original Productions.

The two hour Premier will start at 9pm eastern standerd  time .

The Bait returns at 8pm eastern standerd  time   Both on Discovery channel 

For more about what is coming up click on the link.


A new Captain for Deadliest Catch 2016

So there ya go! Dicovery has just published on their Deadliest Catch Facebook page that there will be a new captain for the 2016 season of Deadliest Catch

There are already some rumours going on about who it might be, but Discovery has yet to announce who it is. 

Here's what they said:

Hey Catch Crew, some BIG news for this new season: there's a new Captain joining the fleet! Don't worry all your favorites are back, but we promise this is going to be a game changer. If you want to be the first to know his identity follow us on Snapchat @CatchSnaps. Once we hit 1,000 friends we're going to reveal their identity.

So, what do you think? Who will it be?

Discuss in the comments!


Deadliest Catch 2016 - The final stretch

Well folks, it's almost time for this year's Season 12 of Deadliest Catch! We have all been waiting for a good while, wondering about the new things that might come with this season.

Discovery and the vessels' crews have been very quiet about everything, so I am expecting some good changes. :)

Here are some of my thoughts for the new season.

Really great ideas for Deadliest Catch 2016

I know that many of you have had some really great ideas for the 2016 season, and many fans have submitted their ideas on our website. You can read them all here.

A lot of the viewers/ fans would love to see more of the operations that are going on around the whole crabbing business. User "Lou" asked "How much is being paid for fuel, bait and maintenance?". That is a good question, and I hope Discovery picks that one up and shows us a little more about the costs involved in running a crab boat. Lou also asked Discovery to show how much each individual crew member spends on the preparation of a trip, for example for food and tobacco.

Our visitor Alan Kania suggested to focus more on the people of Unalaska/ Dutch Harbor. I would love to see that, too. Many of the fans know some Unalaska people (for example Veda Webb) from Facebook or the Unalaska Police Blotter (by Sgt. Jennifer Shockley). I would love to see Discovery show more of the Unalaska people - because they are a big part of what makes this show possible. 

Less drama, please

Apparently, I am not alone when I say that less drama would be good for the show. I think that everybody struggles every now and then, but in the recent years, Deadliest Catch has become more and more of a little drama show on some vessels. Let me just say "Jake Anderson on the Kiska Sea" or "Elliott Neese and his personal life". Seriously, I know that we are watching (at least a part) their real lives, and therefore a part of their real struggles. But we did not start out as soap opera fans. We started becoming fans of hard working, mostly cigarette smoking, swearing tough crabbers. We didn't ask for any of the drama. I believe that Discovery could cut out more of the drama and listen more to its viewers and their ideas.

Many people ask for more information on the crews' family

As much as I understand this, I believe it is best for "our stars" to keep their families out of the show as much as they can. We wouldn't want Sig's daughter to become the next Kardashian, do we? I think we should respect their privacy - and that of their families.

More episodes

Yep, many, many fans requested this. We want to see more of Deadliest Catch. Our visitor Laura Taylor wrote in "More episodes, interviews at the end of the season, no more Elliot, bring back junior." 

Okay, Elliott is gone. Interviews we will get, I am sure. Junior - I guess - won't be back. But I will definately put my signature under the "more episodes" part. Yes, I know, Discovery will start Dungeon Cove - a Deadliest Catch spin-off. But that is not the same. We want to see the Hillstrand brothers, Wild Bill and the others. While  am sure that Dungeon Cove will be successful and maybe last really long, I think it might not be the same for us DC fans.

So yeah, Discovery: Please give us more episodes of the original Deadliest Catch.

Deadliest Catch Bloopers

Oh yes! That is one thing I would definately love to see. Our visitor Nisse Edwards has sent in this idea: "More bloopers and camera crew experiences". I know for a fact that I wouldn't survive such an experience for longer than an hour, so I know that the crews on board are tough guys and girls. And I am not talking about the vessel crews. I am talking about the camera crews! 

So please bring us some "Best crew moments" of Deadliest Catch. That would be really cool!

Well, I guess there are many different opinions on what should be changed and what should remain unchanged. To make it short: I would go for less drama, keep the families out of the show and show us more episodes. That would make a lot of people happy.

And until we get the new 2016 season, we are all going to watch reruns, right? Or what are you doing?

Let us know in the comments!



Deadliest Catch Season 12 (2016) - Great ideas from the fans

While millions of Deadliest Catch fans are waiting for the start of the new 2016 Season 12 of the hit TV series, they are thinking of what they would like to see on the new episodes.

Great ideas sent in by great fans

Stay simple, focus on the fishing

Many of the fans simply would like the show to return to where it came from: Fishing. People would love to see less personal drama and more of the teaming up of the vessel crews and simply fishing.

Over the last years, the personal stories of Elliott Neese and sometimes even Jake Anderson have had many fans switch channels when they started with their drama shows. Let's just hope that this new year will be better.

More technical stuff - cameras on the crab pots

Fans also submitted that they would like to see more of the boats, more technical information and more cams where they have not been before. FOr example, people would love to see cameras put on the crab pots when they soak at the bottom of the sea.


Read all really cool "Deadliest Catch" fan ideas here.

Send in your ideas for Deadliest Catch Season 12


Happy Birthday

Tomorrow January 14th is F/V Northwestern's Edgar Hanson's Birthday.

It is also Producer/Series Producers for the first 7  Doug Stanley's Birthday.

We at would like to wish the two of them a very Happy Birthday.


Happy New Year

From the Staff here at and Deadliest Catch Fans on Facebook we would like to wish all of you a happy and heathy 2016.

Thank You For Your Support.

   The Staff.


Happy Holidays 2015

On behalf of all of the staff here at we would like to wish all of you the best of the Holidays.

Thank you for your support.



New Deadliest Catch spinoff by Discovery: Dungeon Cove

NEW YORK (AP) — Makers of the popular Discovery series "Deadliest Catch" are heading south for a spinoff.

The network said Friday it will make a new series focusing on the fishing community of Newport, Oregon, called "Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove." It's set to premiere next fall.

"Deadliest Catch," about fishing boats in Alaska's Bering Sea, is one of Discovery's signature series and it is headed into its 12th season.

The new series will focus on boats that navigate massive waves, sandbars and currents along the Oregon coast.

Original Airticle by

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!


Deadliest Catch Marathon

December 26th 2015 there will be a all day marathon Please check out our DC Schedule for times and Episode Titles.


Captains Josh Harris and Casey McManus To Be At

 Internatioanl Work Boat Show at Sherwin Williams Booth.

Dec 2nd 2015 at 10am-4pm CST

At  New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

900 Convention Center Blvd,  New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

For ticket information go to WWW.WORKBOATSHOW>COM 


Thanksgiving Dinner on the Bering Sea

Captain Casey McManus just posted this photo on his facebook page right from the wheelhouse of the Cornelia Marie.

Bering Sea Thanksgiving Cornelia Marie Casey McManus


Jeff Conroy Leaving Original Productions

As reported by Real Screen's Reportor  Barry Walsh.

Executeve Vice President of Programming  Jeff Conroy has desided to leave Original Produtions.

Original Productions  CEO and EP Philip D Segal is quota in a statement given to Real Screen.

Stating that Jeff is leaving to persue other things and that Original Productions wish Jeff Conroy all the best.

Jeff Comroy joined OP in 2001 and became Vice President of Programming in 2007 he became Executive Vice President 

of Programming in 2011


Captain Phil Harris

There is a group on Facebook that is dedicated to Captain Phil Harris.

You can join please have something Deadliest Catch in your profile and it be visible so you can be added.

We love hearing stories about Phil so come on over and start sharing your stories and photos

It is Called Captain Phil Harris Group



Happy Birthday

Today is Excutive Producer and Creator of Deadliest Catchs Thom Beers Birthday

We here at  want to wish him a very Happy Birthday


Deadliest Catch Season 12 starts filming

Filming starts for Deadliest Catch Season 12 

Camera crews arrived in Dutch Harbor to start filming Deadliest Catch Season 12

The fishing crews are starting to arrive in Dutch Harbor, and so is the film crew!

Here is the first photo of the Deadliest Catch film crew of Season 12, shared by Decker Watson on Facebook.

Deadliest Catch Season 12 start


Of course, we will keep you updated with any news we can get our hands on regarding Deadliest Catch's upcoming  season 12.

What do you think is going to happen? Any crew changes? Will Freddy Maugatai be back on the Wizard? What's Jake Anderson gonna do?

Will Josh Harris be up for the task? And what about Jake Harris? Do you think we're gonna see him on the next season?

Let us know in the comments below.


What do you want to see on Deadliest Catch Season 12 in 2016?

What do you want to see in Discovery's Deadliest Catch Season 12 in 2016?

Let the producers know by submitting your idea here:

My ideas for Deadliest Catch Season 12

The producers are active on this website and are reading your ideas!


Former Cornelia Marie Captain Tony Lara passes away

It is with sadness to inform all of you that Captain Tony Lara, of the Cornelia Marie (Deadliest Catch Season 7 during Opilio season) has passed away.

Tony was atendding  the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis. No word yet on the cause of death but we will keep you up to date as soon as more information becomes available.

Captain Tony Lara was 50 years old*. 

From all of us here at,  our condolences and prayers go out to Tony's Family and Friends. 


* Correction: Thank you for letting us know about our mistake. Tony was only 50 years old, not 56 as we have previously stated. We apologize for the mistake.

Tony Lara passed away


Photo: Tony Lara Facebook Page 


Captain "Wild Bill" Wichrowski's message to his fans

Wild Bill has sent a message out to his facebook fans after last night's episode.

Here's his message:

"Just as these guys sign up to crab I signed up for the show. Things get tough,I turn boys into men and take men who are headed down the wrong path and try and get them back on the right track. Discovery and Original make one of the best shows on Television,I am proud to be part of it.Last night was a tough night of TV but I will continue to be who I am AND do the job I've done for over 35 years.signed JR from Dallas!"

Here's the link to his post

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!


Freddy Maugatai speaks out about missing the trip with the Wizard

I am sure you all remember the episode where Freddy Maugatai missed the trip with Monty Colburn on the F/V Wizard. 

We have asked Freddy about the reasons, and he has replied :)

We have received the following statement from Freddy Maugatai:

That night I talked to my wife she was due for our second baby the next week. I didn't think we would be done fishing by then. I said life is too short, because it is. I could not miss my baby girl be born. I love Monty, meant no disrespect, but I love my baby daughter more.

Thank you Freddy :)


DEADLIEST CATCH the #1 unscripted program

Discovery Channel continues its ratings success in 2Q15 by setting a new record for its best May ever among Persons 25-54 in May 2015 in L+3. Discovery also remained in the Top Five in ad supported cable in Persons 25-54, up 11% year over year to land at #4 for the month.  

Discovery's Prime Time ratings growth in May was up in Men, 6% in M25-54, and most notably in Women, up 19% W25-54, bringing in the network's highest female May ratings since 2002.  In addition, the network made major strides in a wide range of demos including millennials, core viewers, kids, and families as the network climbed the demo rankers among Men 25-54 (#3 for the month, up 1 ranking position vs. May 2014), Women 25-54 (#11 for the month, up 6 ranking positions), Persons 18-34 (#11, up 8 positions) and Persons 12-17 (#21, up 4 positions) vs. May 2014.

 Discovery owned all of the Top 5 ad-supported cable series during May 2015 (excluding sports) among M25-54 and M18-49, topping such competing series as History's Pawn Stars and Texas Rising, AMC's final season of Mad Men, Spike's Lip Sync Battle, and Comedy Central'sTosh.0.

 DEADLIEST CATCH was the #1 unscripted program in May 2015 M25-54 with an average of 3.6 million viewers for the month.  Rounding out Discovery's top five unscripted series for May were FAST N' LOUD (2.8 million), STREET OUTLAWS (2.9 million), ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE (4.5 million) and NAKED AND AFRAID (3.2 million).

 Source:  Live3, May 2015: 04/27/2015 - 05/31/2015 vs. YAGO (May 2014: 04/28/2014 - 05/25/2015). 2015: 12/29/2014 - 05/31/2015 vs. YAGO (2014: 12/30/2013 - 06/01/2014). 


Jake Anderson to captain the F/V Saga

From TVRuckus

As reports, Jake Anderson will be taking over the wheelhouse of the F/V Saga in tonight's new episode of Deadliest Catch!

But the timing could be better, as Jake and his wife Jenna are expecting their baby - new chances and a lot of nerve-wrecking waiting at the same time. 

And it looks like there will be a greenhorn getting hurt really bad. Looks like it's going to be one exciting episode today.


Live Q&A with Discovery's Executive Producer Joseph Boyle

LIVE Q&A chat session

June 2, 2015
8pm ET

Joseph Boyle
Executive Producer @ Discovery Channel

Read the live Q&A chat log here 


On Tuesday June 2nd at 8pm ET, we will have Discovery Channel's executive producer Joseph Boyle doing a live Q&A with the fans of Deadliest Catch right here in our DC chat room!

Mark the date! How often do you get a Discovery Channel producer to answer your questions about Deadliest Catch?


Our moderator Barbara Jean Kecza will be hosting the chat.


Captain Elliott Neese leaves Deadliest Catch

Well folks, this is it. After Elliott told us about this the night before the episode aired, we have published the news here that we might be seeing the last episode of Elliott Neese on Deadliest Catch.   

We have taken some bashing via private messages and emails for publishing rumours, but honestly: We know were our rumour came from (Elliott himself), so I'd say that was a pretty reliable source.

So Elliott Neese is not on Deadliest Catch anymore - but after the recording of the show last year, he went through rehab is on a good way.

We're still trying to get Elliott to do a Q&A on our website (which he said he will do) - so stay tuned for more information.

Best way to make sure you don't miss this is to register for a free account now, so you will get an email when we kow the Q&A date.

Read more information about Elliott Neese leaving Deadliest Catch (including discussion)  


Email from FreemantleMedia

I have received an email from FreemantleMedia, the owner of the copyrights to Deadliest Catch.

They made it clear that I should put up a message on this website saying that this is just a Deadliest Catch fan website and not an official website.

That's the reason why I have put the (red) text into our website's logo banner - so nobody would ever mistake this awful looking website for any official website of FreemantleMedia, Original Productions or Discovery. :D

Honestly: I do not want to get into any trouble with anybody. This is a fan community. And I am not trying to make money from this.

This is just for fun - and I intend to keep it that way. :)

Thanks for the fair warning, FreemantleMedia! I really do appreciate it! :)


Casey McManus Live Q&A session!

Join F/V Cornelia Marie's captain Casey McManus during a live Q&A in our fan chat!

More information can be found here:

Live Q&A with F/V Cornelia Marie's captain Casey McManus



The 13 Emmy Award-Winning Series airs Tuesdays at 9 PM ET/PT on the Discovery Channel

(Los Angeles, Calif.) -- Discovery Channel announced today that it has renewed its massively popular series DEADLIEST CATCH for a 12th season.  From Original Productions, the 13-time Emmy Award-winning series follows the real-life adventures of Alaskan fisherman with one of the most dangerous jobs in the world – crab fishing on the unpredictable Bering Sea.  

In its most recent season premiere, which aired April 14, DEADLIEST CATCH placed first among all cable shows in key demos and led Discovery to finish as the #1 cable network in Prime delivering a 2.51 P25-54 AA% and averaged 4.03 million total viewers P2+, up +7% in both categories versus last season’s average.

DEADLIEST CATCH is also pulling in top ratings among women.  The premiere was a top 10 cable program on Tuesday night with women (coming in at #7), beating Lifetime’s Dance Moms, Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, E!’s Botched and A&E’s Married At First Sight.  In addition, the series is growing it’s younger demo and posted a +16% increase from last season’s premiere in P12-17 rating.  

DEADLIEST CATCH is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Productions, a Fremantle Media company.  For Original Productions, Executive Producers are Thom Beers, Jeff Conroy and John Gray.  Co-Executive Producer is R. Decker Watson, Jr.  For Discovery Channel, Executive Producers are David Pritikin and Joseph Boyle with Associate Producer Sara Van Acker. To learn more, go to, on Facebook and on Twitter @Discovery. 


Deadliest Catch: Scott "Junior" Scampbell leaves the show

The F/V Seabrooke is out of Deadliest Catch. 

Captain Scott "Junior" Campbell retired from being the captain of the F/V Seabrooke, and the Seabrooke's new skipper is Joe O'Donahue out of Kodiak.

Scott has been having serious problems with his back, whcih apparently led to his resignation from being the captain of the F/V Seabrooke.

What is Scott "Junior" Campbell of the F/V Seabrooke doing now?

As of January 2016, Scott Campbell is the boss over at Cordova Coolers - a company that builds high quality coolers. These coolers are 100% USA made.
You can visit their website and check out their store at

On a sidenote:  What is Jake Harris doing?

We're wishing "Junior" Campbell all the best and a lot of success with his new company - and we hope to get him to do a chat with his fans here n

While we're waiting for that to happen, you can read the logs of the Q&A chats we have had with other Deadliest Catch stars over the last months.


What do you think about this? Discuss it in the facebook comments below.  

While we're talking about people going off air: Does anybody know how Jake Harris is doing


We have another captain leave the show as well: It looks like Captain Elliott Neese is off the show, too. 


Live chat with Zack Larson

Zack Larson Live Chat

Chat live with Zack Larson of the F/V Cape Caution!

Thursday, April 16 at 11 PDT!

Zack will be online on our website to chat with you about Deadliest Catch and his life aboard the F/V Cape Caution!


Please note: Only registered members are able to join the chat. Register here for free now.



Meet Wild Bill in South Carolina! :)

Hey South Carolina area fans...

Here's a chance for you to meet the one and only, Captain Wild Bill!

Come meet Wild Bill at the Annual Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic in Columbia, SC.

Wild Bill is hanging out on Saturday and Sunday only, so don't miss your opportunity! :)


March 28th - 1pm until 6:30pm
March 29th - 11am until 4:30pm



South Carolina State Fairgrounds
1200 Rosewood Drive
Columbia, SC 29201


~ Chiane


Content editors wanted!

We are looking for several editors for this website

We are growing a lot each and every day, and we have become THE source for Deadliest Catch news on the web.

To make us even better, we are looking for content editors who are able and willing to spend an hour or two each week to come up with fresh and original content.

You don't have to be a professional writer or an expert in TV stuff. You just need to love and know Deadliest Catch (that's why you are on this website, right) and be willing to write a few lines each week.

More information can be found here:

Editors Wanted


Deadliest Catch under fire in Unalaska

From TheBristolBayTimes

The Deadliest Catch is under attack from both the local and state government.

In a move to offset what is seen by some as a negative public image created by the Deadliest Catch reality television show, and to encourage oil company workers to make permanent homes locally, the Unalaska City Council is giving money to an Anchorage advertising firm to promote a wholesome image.

The $15,000 expenditure is for a media and information packet created by Northwest Strategies, and substantially more funding is expected later to promote Unalaska in Alaska, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. The ad campaign was recommended by a local committee including the mayor, planning director, and Assistant City Manager Patrick Jordan, who complains the Deadliest Catch presents a "fishing town with a bar problem."

The city government wants the outside world to know there's more to life in Unalaska than getting drunk. The 10-year-old Discovery Channel show, with 5 million viewers, depicts life on Bering Sea commercial crab boats working out of Unalaska/Dutch Harbor.

"Unfortunately, due in no small part to reality television, Unalaska is known for an image that is not truly representative of the community and its vast potential as an industry hub," said Northwest Strategies' proposal.


Read more at the Bristol Bay Times


Deadliest Catch Season 11 Start Date revealed!

Captain Will Billd Wichrowski published the news on facebook today!

The new season of Deadliest Catch will air in the USA on April 14 at 9/8c!


Get ready folks, the wold is going to get a tiny bit better now that we get our show back!

Click here to read more about season 11 of Deadliest Catch!



Fisherman Sean O'Callahan found dead in Bunk

via Jay Barrett/KMXT

Sean O'Callahan DeadThough Troopers are still awaiting autopsy results from the state medical examiner, their investigation revealed nothing suspicious aboard a Kodiak fishing vessel where a crewman was found dead Saturday morning.

A little after 11 a.m. On Saturday, Troopers were notified by the skipper of the fishing vessel Alaskan Dream that 29-year-old Sean O'Callahan was found dead in his bunk.

The Alaskan Dream was headed to fishing grounds near the south end of Kodiak Island, but turned around to meet Troopers back in Kodiak and turn over O'Callahan's body. It was then sent to Anchorage for an autopsy.

The Troopers conducted an investigation on board the Alaskan Dream and in their report say nothing suspicious was observed. It appears O'Callahan passed away in his sleep sometimes during the night.

O'Callahan's mother posted to her son's Facebook page that she would be scattering some of his ashes in Kodiak waters and more in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, with dates to be announced.


Crabber sues Time Bandit over fireworks injury

As the USNews reports (Link), David Zielinski, Deckhand on the Time Bandit in season 9, sues the Time Bandit over injuries he suffered from one of the Time Bandit-brand firworks which, as he said, exploded prematurely.

Zielinski suffered shattered bones in his right hand and forearm and has been taken to Dutch Harbor and then flown to Seattle for treatment.

Court papers say the effects of the accident are hurting Zielinski financially. Time Bandit and New Era Alaska Inc. are named as defendants.


Information from: Seattle Post-Intelligencer,

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Live chat with the makers of "Deadliest Catch: The Bait"

On Saturday, January 17th at 10am EST, we will have Co-Executive producers Mark Fortgang and Sean McCourt in our live chat. They will be answering your questions regarding the show "Deadliest Catch: The Bait"!

A few rules for the chat: please be nice when asking your questions, and give our special guests some time to answer them. Remember, this is a text based chat, so it takes time to reply. 

We will publish a chat log later on, so you won't miss anything even if you leave the chat early.

There will be moderators in the chat room, so in case someone misbehaves, this person will definately get kicked out. We really appreciate Mark and Sean taking the time to answer our questions and give us a little insight into the making of the show, so please play along and be nice :)

More information can be found here: 



Super-Typhoon headed toward the bering Sea

A Super-Typhoon is headed toward the Bering Sea region - I just hope all fishermen will be safe.


News from Matt Bradley: Full tanks!

Matt Bradley has just posted a new photo on facebook - and guess what! They have full tanks!

Happy fishing guys!


F/V Northwestern - King Crab 2014 - Full Tanks - offloading


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Update from Matt Bradley: King Crab Season 2014 going well so far

Matt Bradley just shared a photo on Facebook saying "King Crab season 2014 going well".

Sounds great! Wishing all the crew and all the vessels out there all the best. Stay safe, and we all hope you're getting full pots!

King Crab Season 2014 Northwestern Bering Sea Matt Bradley


New Deadliest Fans Gear Shop

Hey everyone! Chiane here. :)

Did you know:

We have a new online gear store. Exclusive to!

We have just about everything you can think of. haha Pillow cases, flip flops (sandals), t-shirts, hoodies and many more cool things.

The prices are pretty darn good and where else can you find gear like this?! Pretty cool, huh? :D

Come on over and check out our Deadliest Fans gear shop!


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King Crab Season Kick Off Contest by Capt. Wild Bill

This is an exact quote from Capt. Bill's facebook page.. I thought it sounded pretty awesome, so I am passing on the information! :)

"To mark the opening of king crab season on Oct. 15, we've teamed up with our friends at Grundéns USA for a special contest. Check back on Wednesday for your chance to win the gear trusted on every deck, plus Capt Wild Bill swag."

-- I mysef have worn Grundens gear and have compared it to different kinds of rain gear. Grundens is just plain AWESOME! :) You're in for a great deal if you win! Good luck everyone! :)


~ Chiane Ilene

Here's a link to the post on Wild Bill's page. :)

Click here to view the post on Bill's Facebook page


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Of course, I am a huge fan of Deadliest Catch. I started watching the show sometime during season 4 or 5. One day, I was bored and needed something fun to watch. Started channel surfing & evetually came to a station that showed a black & white boat crashing through a wave. I thought to myself "Oooo! That looks like an awesome show!" I've been hooked ever since! :)

I've had the awesome privledge of meeting many of the guys from the show. I've even been to have seen or been aboard a few of the DC boats. What an AWESOME experience that is! If you ever get the chance to meet any of the guys, do it! It's always a fun time. :)

I like all of the boats - each in their own ways. The same goes for all of the crews.

A lot of people have asked me, "Have you ever been to Alaska?" Yes! I have! Twice actually. Once back in 2010 for a cruise for my high school graduation present & again this past summer for work. I spent 3 months in Dillingham, AK working as a seafood processor. AND I know some are going to ask... haha "Did you see any of the DC boats or crews?" Yep! Cornelia Marie, Rollo & Saga along with the crews for the CM & Rollo. I only got to see the Saga from a distance but it was AWESOME just to see anybody. :)

I think that's enough about me for now......

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Your submissions for Deadliest Catch Season 11 - and what we don't want to see

Photo of Elliott Neese by Lady Washinton We have asked for your ideas for Deadliest Catch Season 11. And you have sent them in.

What we wanted was a clear view on what you, the viewers and fans, want for Deadliest Catch Season 11. Our goal was to collect them and make them available to the producers of the show.

A few of your submissions weren't (partially) quite what we were looking for. Of course, everybody has their loved and "hated" captains, and for sure Keith and Elliott are amongst those who polarize the most. But seeing people post something like the following really makes me rethink this whole "submit your ideas" thing.

Lisa G. wrote: "Get rid of Elliot and the Saga, that guy is an idiot."

I don't think calling someone an idiot is pretty harsh. Calling him an idiot without even knowing him at all (just from TV) is just plain rude. 

As the owner of this website, I took the freedom to edit the submission. I will not tolerate any name calling on this website. You may hear the beeps on the show when these guys are out crab hunting, and you know that they are swearing their rear ends off.
But in their off-season, they are just normal people, dads, family guys. They actually have pretty good manners. And feelings, too. I am sure that Elliott is actually a nice guy, but that the show has somehow put him in a position where the good parts don't get through too much. He's shown his fair share of drama, yes. But that makes him just a guy who has had his struggles with life on and off the boat.

To make this short: If I catch any other user/member of this website insulting other members or the crew of Deadliest Catch, I will kick your hind end off this platform faster than you can say "Oh crab" :)

Just say'n.




Film crews are working on Deadliest Catch Season 11

Yes, it's true. We have proof that there are film crews up in Dutch Harbor to film "The Bait"!

If that isn't a great sign of the Deadliest Catch Season 11... :D

Photo by Lady Washington

Photo by Veda Webb/ Lady Washington


No word on Deadliest Catch Season 11 yet

We have just asked the producers, and there is no word on Season 11 of Deadliest Catch yet. Cross your fingers and let Discovery know that you WANT Season 11 to be made :)


There we have our update! Film crew are working in Dutch Harbor!


Next VIP chat session

Around May 16, we will have another VIP chat session with a Deadliest Catch crew member. 

Who will it be? Well, we won't tell the name yet :)

Let's just say he's a deckhand on a family owned boat. 

Stay tuned! We'll publish the exact date and time very soon. Oh yeah, and we will let you know who it is :D


What do YOU want to see in Season 11?

Season 11 will be filmed this year, so we want to make sure the producers of the show know what you, the viewer, would like to see on the show?

What could they do better? What are your ideas?

Let us know here: 


Co-executive producer Decker Watson reveals news about season 10 of the Deadliest Catch

Decker Watson, co-executive producer of "Deadliest Catch" joined fans of the show on the live web chat. Watson answered many questions of the fans and revealed some information about the upcoming Season 10 of the Deadliest Catch.

Watson was joined by Nick McGlashan, deckboss on the F/V Cape Caution. Both Watson and McGlashan had a great time having fun with the fans and answering dozens of questions.

A chatlog will be made available shortly. Stay tuned for that.



We are BIG :)

And by big, I mean BIG!

We have grown huge over the past weeks and months, and I believe we can say that we are now the biggest active Deadliest Catch Fan Website worldwide!

At the time of writing, we have about 500 members who signed up on this website. I think this is a great number, and I believe we will get even bigger once the new Deadliest Catch Season 10 will start airing in April 2014!

I would like to say Thank You for joining this community!!

A little history

I would have never thought that this website might grow this big. It all started out as a small and very simple website to display the live webcams from Dutch Harbor. But soon I realized that this was more than a simple webcam website... 

Why a fan website?

Well, honestly: I was searching the web for a decent website to get good information on my favorite TV show (yes, you guessed it: "The Deadliest Catch" :)).

As I was unable to find any really active website, I thought I might just start one myself. Being a web developer, that wasn't too hard, so I started a new website from scratch a while back. I was hoping to make it simple... like just set up a blog software and have guest writers write some posts containing useful information regarding The Deadliest Catch.

But is has become a project that pretty much scales up and up each week. I have a lot of ideas for the future, and I hope I get the chance to make most of them come true. Since I'm working on this website in my free time, this might take a while :)

Giving back to you

In cooperation with one of the captains, I will soon have a little something for you! It's gonna be fun, and you will like it! But I won't tell you any more... If you want to make sure you get the information once I'm ready to publish it: Sign up for a free account. I'm gonna send out an email to all of you once we're good to go.

Just one more thing

Well, of course I have to be bitchy about something, right? :D 

I would like to ask you to have a look at our live chat! Chat with other Deadliest Catch fans from all over the world and have fun teaming up and discussing. The chat has been pretty empty the last few weeks... so if you're joining the chat, wait for a bit, someone will come. Don't give up after a few minutes. :)


Chat with Matt Bradley of the F/V Northwestern

Yes, it's true! We will have Matt Bradley, deckhand on the F/V Nortwestern, on our live chat!

We haven't got a date yet, but it will be in April! All members will be able to ask him their questions!

More information here: Live Chat with Matt Bradley of the F/V Northwestern


New Admin on twitter: Chiane Ilene Bond!

Please say hello to our newest admin for our twitter appearance: Chiane Ilene Bond!

She'll be tweeting from our @UnalaskaAK account, you can find her private accout over at @nmglider2008.

I'm really glad to have her om board and I'm sure she will be a huge help when it comes to interacting with you all and getting the news out!


Jake Anderson is back on the F/V Northwestern

Hey guys! Now will you look at this beautful picture! It shows the Northwestern crew, and who's on it? Jake Anderson! How great is it to see him back on the "family boat"? Glad he walked off the Kiska Sea..... 


Jake Anderson is back on the F/V Nortwestern

Picture provided by KUHB Radio

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