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Deadliest Catch Live Tracking Software

Track the Deadliest Catch fleet on your desktop! proudly presents:
The Deadliest Catch Live Tracking Software

Our free software lets you watch the Deadliest Catch fleet right on your desktop at home or work! Simply download the software, unpack it to your desktop and start it up!
The software is freeware and needs a windows computer (Windows XP or higher) with the .NET framework installed.

If you run into problems, simply let us know by writing in the forum.

Download the Deadliest Catch Freeware Tracker now

Screenshot of the Deadliest Catch Tracking Software
  • Live Tracker (Map) of the Deadliest Catch vessels
  • Quick access to this website and its features
  • Quick access to the Deadliest Catch Forum
  • Display live vessel traffic in Unalaska / Dutch Harbor
  • Hide the program in your taskbar for quick access
Attention Google Chrome Users!
Chrome might tell you that this software is an "unusual download" and "might be harmful". This is because the file is called "tracker"... Disregard Chrome's warning. We do not track you! We're just keeping track of the Deadliest Catch fleet :)
Please note:
This software is built for fans, by a fan. It is no official Deadliest Catch or Discovery Networks software! Discovery and/or any other official representative of The Deadliest Catch has nothing to do with the making of this software!
Legal Information

This software is provided "as is". You're using it at your own risk. I can not be held responsible for any harm done to your computer while using this software.

Data / Map Provider:

The software is provided free of charge.

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